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now. Lonny was a pretty good dancer too, vardenafil and I hadn't expected him to be because he's so tall. I'm five foot ten levitra generic and he was quite a bit taller than me so I figured Lon to be six foot three or so. He really held me close, and with him leading, we had ourselves levitra generic a smooth ol' time. He smelled good, or I should say his cologne smelled good... it was still strong but it grows on ya. After the dance he kissed me a little too long, right on the lips again and this time with a little tongue. Then he cleaned the lipstick off my lips using that same hanky and online levitra spit technique from earlier in the evening. My eyes were looking down as he scrubbed my lips and I could see the long levitra online outline of his semi-hard cock. The length of it made me gulp, levitra generic it was buy levitra even longer than Willie's. As we walked back to join our boyfriends at the table I glanced at the short, sorta generic levitra stubby Terry levitra 20 and thought... whoa! he's undoubtedly generic levitra online taking all of Lon's buy levitra boner up that pussy of his, but levitra online it don't look like it's doing him any harm. Guess I'm getting off easy with only seven inches... or am I a little bit jealous of Terry. I grinned to myself about that. I buy levitra online sat down next to Willie, levitra online who levitra 20 mg put his arm around my waist pulling me up against him. Almost immediately a fat kid who looked like levitra online he was about our age came over and kissed Willie on the cheek. Willie looked up and said, "Oh, hi! Walter. Whaazzz up?" Walter says, "Nothing much, I came over to see your boyfriend. Everybody says he's cute" and online levitra looking me over he adds, "I guess they're right online levitra too". He glances over to Willie quickly levitra 20 and asks, "Ya mind" and Willie goes, levitra 20mg "No, it's OK" and Walter plants a wet kiss on my mouth and says, generic vardenafil "Sweet!" Lonny laughs and, because he was ignored by Walter says, "What a delightful, overweight person... we must meet some day! Come on Terry, let's dance. See you boys around... ta ta, for now." We all gave a half hearted wave, Walter frowning at the "overweight" comment and then the three of levitra 20 us... Willie, Walter, and me wandered over to one of the bars and Willie bought us another drink. I hadn't touch the third one at the table, but this new one was ice generic levitra online cold and vardenafil I couldn't even online levitra taste the vodka so I drank it pretty fast. I felt dizzy right after that too. Walter said, "Guess who's here, Willie? I saw him earlier." Willie's like, "Don't you dare tease me and say generic levitra online Charles levitra 20 Neil is here." Walters says, "Yep, in levitra coupon the flesh levitra 20 mg vardenafil and he asked me if buy levitra online you were here. I knew you were cause the guys were talking about how you finally found someone you thought was good enough for generic vardenafil ya. Good enough to be your boyfriend." He laughed then and Willie called him a cunt, but he laughed too. Then he said, "Dylan is too buy levitra online good for me, asshole. Hey, where'd ya last see Charles?" Walter said that it was near the DJ stand so we headed over to find him with me thinking that Willie appeared awfully excited learning this Charles person was here. It gave me a jealous pang and, damn! ..that surprised me too. As we walked, Willie described how levitra generic he levitra 20 mg and Charles had been in the same class since the forth grade, including all through Prep school generic levitra right up to the present. Willie has always had a crush on Charles, but he'd never managed to be included in Charles' clique. Willie says, "Us gay boys pee our pants trying to get Charles to pay attention to us. The rumor is he's 'done' a dozen boys at Prep, but I can't get him to 'do' me. It's sort of a badge of honor to be one of the notches on Charles' belt, buy levitra to use a gunfighters metaphor. I'm like, "What....? Willie goes on with, "I generic vardenafil must be nuts even introducing you to him because you'll fall for him instantly, but I'm gonna take a chance anyway. I've had a bet with him for three years about something, and with you as my buy levitra online boyfriend, I'm going to try collecting on it tonight. This is so fucking cool! I can't believe he even made it tonight, guess he's slumming." We were approaching the DJ table, levitra coupon but I didn't see any cool guys. I was definitely not excited about this turn of events because I felt that Willie and I were vardenafil having such a good time together. Now it seems Willie's more interested in this other guy... I had to hurry to generic levitra keep pace with Willie and then he squealed, "Oh my God, there he is" and I'm looking for a super cute, hot guy, but I can't spot him. Willie runs up to this stocky kid who's about five foot eight inches tall and maybe a hundred seventy pounds. The guy has this superior look on his face as Willie gets right in front of him and jumps up levitra 20mg and down in place until the guy smirks and holds out his arms which apparently is the "OK" for Willie to hug the levitra coupon guy while giggling excitedly, levitra 20mg all red in the face. I'm thinking... what the fuck? This is so unlike buy levitra Willie, I mean... the generic vardenafil guy isn't even cute. Like I said he's average height, at best, generic levitra and a bit heavy. Well, you know what... he wasn't heavy so much as bulky, like a football player. Like the body of Chubby's boss, Ricky... an unfortunate levitra coupon comparison, but accurate. There wasn't anything about Charles Neil's appearance that impressed me at all. He wasn't geeky looking so much as he was rough looking. Willie has these kind of delicate unusual facial features that all worked together nicely. This levitra 20mg guy's features were chiseled, abrupt, brutish almost. Very dark red hair that he wore in a Prep-school-longish, over the ears hairdo. He had this reddish generic levitra online face to go with the dark red hair, which clashed. No levitra 20 mg way buy levitra online his skin would tan, only sunburn... his blunt nose was peeling generic levitra right now as a matter of fact. He has kind of a low forehead... but, OK... maybe someone would say he was handsome in some macho looking way. Certainly not me, but I could see some p